Sunday, October 8, 2006

Deviants: Offline intelligence to Integrated Gadgets

Proximity will connect to Personality

I am currently working out my academic future. So listening to a professor drone on about numbers and symbols that represent nothing in his presentation nearly killed my spirit to live. As it did half the class. I wonder if a part of them died each day in class?

I had wanted to pursue Cybernetics, but I came to realize in my second bout with college Calculus that I have no interest in converting sequential symbols with no context Into visual spatial concepts. My deficit includes auditory sequential processing also.


Well, I have taken many intelligence tests, and I have a major deficit. If the auditory and symbolic sequencing was the sum average of my Intelligence Quotient, I would be just above mild mental retardation. Luckily, my other mental attributes are well above average enabling me to qualify for MENSA, in which I am a member.

These Tests I mentioned, include WAIS-III, the Strong Interest Inventory, and the Myer-Briggs Type Indicator tests. I am according to the Strong Inventory:

 Investigative, Social, Artistic or ISA which makes me well suited for the following careers: 



As you can see I am very good fit for a job as a psychologist. As well as physical therapist, which is also apropos since I wish to get my masters in Fitness/Nutrition. 

Now what do gadgets have to do with this blog entry?

As anybody who is watching social network sites like Facebook, MySpace or even dating network sites like can see they all lack empirical data sets. If I want to hang out with other Investigative, Social, Artistic people I am out of luck...

 Take a look at my Myer-Briggs profile:  

I turn out to be an ENFP or what they call an Extraversion, Intuition, Feeling, Perceiving and "ENFPs are typically enthusiastic innovators, always seeing new possibilities and new ways of doing things. They have a lot of imagination and initiative for starting projects" according to MBTI studies.

So we have Web 2.0 technologies being powered by survival of the fittest, articles abound about those in network sites that have to fight to get seen.

Now enter my gadgets, I have an Ipod Nano, a Swatch smartwatch, and Audiovox Smartphone. (Not to mention tabletPC and desktops) At any moment I will be alerted by my synchronized gadgets, from WiFi to Broadcast Smart Object via FM radio signals, I am never forgetting minor sequential data.

Now a string of GPS and WiFi enabled tools are out in the Market. Proximity connected to Personality?   Meet HP's answer:


So where are we going? Both MBTI and the Strong Inventory tests were web based, and my gadgets are now sync to web interfaces. So why aren't my gadgets working to integrate with my social profile?

Already web interfaces have been developed to present complex networked data seamlessly.   Here is one of my favorites LivePlasma:

We have syncing of data, we have intuitive data interfaces, wireless gadgets, and extensive personality profiles, all we need is to get all of our offline intelligence's connected to each other.

Seems pretty simple, in that all the tools and building blocks are already there.

Here is where meetup meets neuro-cognitive testing, 5 years from now wine tasting for ENFP's or Introverts photo group. What new dynamics will arise from social groups based on proximity, personality, and pursuits?

Do we want to group together persons with sequential deficits? Would we generate greater bonds? I need to sleep on it.