About Me

Recently, I have spent the last several years working for larger fortune 500 companies running their social media and social data integration projects.

For years I have combined my online marketing experience with offline Event Organizing and New Media Product Roll-outs in a wide variety of social media & business applications. Particularly interested in social client/server and interactive design using FB/Google API Technologies, Web 2.0, and Web Statistics for clear ROI.

Generally doing research in interactive community projects, as well as studying social dynamics of message interaction within social media online properties.

Social Data Analysis-Quantification-Visualization, International Social Media Design, Localization, Multi-Channel Social Media Marketing, Digital Marketing Strategist, Social Media Product Management, Web Content franchising, Online Non-profit Branding, Web funding strategies, Event Market Planning, Java, C++, Visual Basic Net, XML, HTML, JavaScript, usability, CSS, WYSIWYG layout tools.

Here is another picture in case we meet on the street... It was taken in a rather unusual spot where if you can read what is behind me, it might give you a moment of pause..