Monday, August 14, 2006

2 Wars 1 Mind

Two Wars one biologically evolved mind...


One fails to realize that "The War on Terror" is an information War. Seperate from the fighting in Lebanon, Afghanistan, and Iraq. Not seperate in technology, not seperate in overlapping idealogical philosphies, not seperate in the minds of certain politcal leaders and thinkers, yet seperate still the same.

How, then are the seperate?

The Lebanon, Afghanistan, and Iraq wars from a strategic military standard are completed. Afghanistan and Iraq have had elections and some assemblage of governance. Lebanon has a government, and all indications look as if a UN force will hopefully keep Hezbollah forces from raiding Israel's border towns.

The problem is that blowing up towns, villages, destroying infrastructure like water and power, has an effect on the other war, that war on terror.

Leaders such as the United States Republican adminstration, wish to continually blurr the two wars. The blur is constant and the opposition has not assembled a language to counter it.

Yet the recent foiled British attack using liquid fuel, by British subjects indicates that this is not a war that strategic military minds can solve.

The US via NSA is trying it, by literally attacked our civil rights, and so far as we know not one public announcement has been made to suggest it is working. Regardless, democracy in Iraq, Lebanon and even governments in Iran and now Somalia have radical islamics in power.

These turn of events suggest that the other war, the information war we as freedom loving americans can see is lost. Because, unlike WWII where channels of information were tightly controlled, we are now all connected.

To operate in this theater of war, information works on two platforms one on silicon and copper and the other on wet circuits of neurons and chemcial transmitters.

When you blow up a house next to yours, you now need to understand what chemicals will be released and change the platform's function.

This blog is about the interface between the changes of those two platforms, the technology man uses and how it effects the mind of man.


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