Friday, September 22, 2006

The Meetup BionicPulse (Technology+myLife)

The Holiday Meetup for BionicPulse: The Cognitive Science Enthusiasts Group is coming up so click here to RSVP (Its FREE!).

Sneak Preview:

Welcome psychology, neuroscience, consciousness, health, nutrition-fitness, and technology enthusiasts. This is the first Holiday Meetup for BionicPulse. The place were real cognitive science and technology "meets up" with overall wellness. If you have an interest to meet others in a causal setting, and talk about how technologies and mankind mix to help us live better,  then this is your Meetup!

No PhD's required, all levels of interest are welcome.

This Week of Holiday Shopping:
Discuss and discover "hands on" with some cool ideas that use the latest in neuroscience, health science and technology. This "Hot Chocolate" break is a show and tell to help others get ideas for tech gifts for the holidays. There are lots of interesting technologies that mix brain science, medical science and even the science of consciousness into great gift ideas.

As host I will get the show and tell started with real life examples of biofeedback relaxation video games , the new Nike-Ipod trainer, and latest Microsoft Smartwatch Live tools to see how they work. Check them out then Go Shopping!

Some Other Cool Holiday Ideas If you can't RSVP:


***Remember: Please bring in ideas and or stuff you have or would like to have for the holidays. Anything cool and techy is welcome we all need ideas.

Meet and share with others your interest in new science, in cool technologies for human consciousness and for the joy of the holidays!

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  1. I like reading your excellent wrting. It is thoughtful and intelligent. Good to know there is a wise man like you writing things people need to hear