Friday, March 23, 2007

The Mother of all Conspiracy Theories....

The Democratic ticket will be Obama / Richardson. A black man as president and a Hispanic man as vice president.

Why is this a conspiracy? Why shouldn't a black and Hispanic man be at the top of political pyramid? How disgusting to think it might be a conspiracy?

I have done a lot of investigating on the Internet in the last several weeks. And here is what I found:

The former New Mexico governor did witness a UFO.

Aaron Russo movie producer believes the Federal Reserve is part of an evil cabal to control the world with other world banks.

Governor Richardson along with every former president and many high ranking politicians are members of or guests of The Bohemian Club. A Skull and Cross bones for the uber elite in Northern California

9/11 was an inside job and the twin towers were detonated, and passengers on Flight 93 are alive under NASA security.

Global Warming will destroy the planet in 34 years.

Income Tax and the 16th amendment are illegal.

The feminist movement of the late 60's early 70's was a covert CIA plot to imprison women as wage earners.


These and other conspiracy all have the same cast of characters, the uber elite who party at the Bohemian Grove, know about aliens, control our government through international banking. They believe in a new world order.

Only now, with the Internet these wild conspiracies are spreading, and thank god, what will we do when the federal government puts mandatory RFID chips into our arms? The new world order will track us like dogs!!! Charlie Sheen and Rosie please help us!!!!

We insipid citizens are either too busy paying illegal taxes, being polarized by the mass media to focus our attention on Democrats versus Republicans, or are part of a lunatic fringe of conspiracy theorists.

THEY potentially control elections, or at least our politicians who are either too naive that they are being bought by this dark elite which is sometimes characterized as a satanic cabal, or are actually part of the old world boys club to enslave all wage earning citizens into a cycle of debt and control of our money supply.

These theorists all propose we are at a tipping point, of no return, and that we must do something now. They are organized and they want us to protest. From WTO sit-ins to petitioning the government for Tax code. The truth is out there.

Well, if this is so, and let's face it who would not believe the man who produced Wise Guys with Joe Piscopo, that an evil set of American and European bankers set a plan to destroy our freedoms. I mean come on?

Or the rise in ocean level will devastate the isle of Manhattan as it inches up every ten years.

Note: This is not to say we are not polluters, we do not live in debt, taxes have not become a serious burden, and global trade never hurts American workers. All of these are blatantly true statements. We have serious issues both around the globe and in our own country.

But, if all the theorists are correct, that the CIA aided Gloria Steinem to push women into being wage earners to line the pockets of the Rockefellers and the man who shoots faces instead of mangled pheasants knew about detonating the twin towers, then the fix is in.

The uber elite must help get Obama and Richardson elected. Why? To counter act the conspirasists. If a black man can be elected, an outsider, it will appease the populace that our elections are not rigged for the Skull and Cross bones Kerry and Bush types.

Therefore these evil bankers will be allowing and helping fund the Obama campaign which will empower minorities to work harder and increase their credit and debt. If minorities see no glass ceiling, then their so called social complacency will be replaced by becoming over-worked over-taxed citizens, which in turn will enable their comfy children to become more likely to privatize social services as there over achieving parents have avoided.

The Corporatist elites who are to blame for most of our suffering, these entitled virtual citizens, will by electing the first black man stop the reparations movement dead in its tracks by cathartically empowering the black man as president. What power does a black president have anyway when we are dealing with UFO uber-elite International corporatists?

Yes its racist, its diabolical too. Because Richardson is a known member of the Bohemian Grove. Obama will be what current social commentators call the magical Negro or magical black. He will restore dignity and honor to our sadly islamo-fascist frightened soccer moms. While Richardson keeps the uber elite happy by watering down any of Obama's far flung social reforms which might fly in the face of evil plans of the WTO.

With the electorate at slumber, and the national consciousness dreaming MLK's promise, the tide will turn. The naive electorate will feel the system must be working if a black man and Hispanic man can be elected. Illegal taxes will continue, UFO's will continue to patrol our sky's, global warming will be monetized into carbon markets, and the uber-elite will continue to shape global trade into a single world government.

The conspiracy will continue. Unless we stop them and elect the only person who can stop them, the one person with the courage and strength to stop the lies....


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